Never say Never!!!!!

I once said I'd never date someone younger than me. That I would NEVER meet someone off the internet because I'm very old school & like meeting people organically. I'd never again date someone not born here or even from my own country again... well there is a saying "you end up with all your nevers" and Lord is that shit true!!!! He's 8 yrs younger than me, he's not only not born here but he's born in our native country AND I met him online (not a dating site obviously lol)... BUT ladies see, I fell into a deep depression last year, tired of my life and realizing it was the way it was because I didn't love myself enough!! I started putting out into the universe what I wanted & making no apologies for it & telling myself there was nothing wrong with it which there isn't and then there he was. He's beyond anything I ever imagined and I'm thankful I didn't settle or stop believing that I could find that fairytale love that we all read about. We are almost 5 month in & will be getting married within the next few weeks... I'm beyond happy & so deeply in love. We always tell each other how it feels like we've known each other a whole life time. Don't give up ladies, even in your darkest moments! Love & believe in yourself enough to go out there & find your ever after.