the best thing I ever did....

I'm so inspired by all the protest/marches around the world. I wanted title my post "the best thing I ever did...." to share my love and support to all women out there and hope many respond with their own ... Story. 
I've traveled to 20 different countries, I am a Social Worker by career choice, I have loved both men and women. I earned a degree and I own my own home...
But the best thing I've ever done was birth life into this world and <a href="">nurture</a> my little human to be an amazingly bright, trilingual, incredibly sensitive, loving and dramatically impatient and still nurturing. 
I respect every woman to have the right to choose their life's path. I am blessed that I was able to.
I support and empathize for those who don't have a voice and I will do anything in my power to advocate for you. 
We are women, daughters, aunties, mothers, grandmothers, and future leaders of the world. Let's celebrate one another and continue to fight for each other.