Response to a man

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Who doesn't understand the feminist movement?? He is constantly referring to the women as Feminazis and thinking that it's women trying to be the dominant sex.

"It's been blown out of proportion by many people. The movement is supposed to be to support a woman's right to choose. Stay home or go to work, such and such. Yet many women who claim to be a part of it have no clue what they're actually trying to fight for. There are still issues facing women in America. Only 4 states have laws for paid maternity leave. In others, it's solely up to the employer how long of a leave a mother can take, if they give her one at all. Or the fact that I was turned down for a job because I was pregnant. And then there's the cost of child care if a mother has to return to work. Which is an issue for both mothers and fathers, especially the single ones. Yet when we fight for any of these, we're told 'well you shouldn't have gotten pregnant'. The same people telling us this are the same people wanting to repeal the law giving us access to free birth control. They're the people wanting to ban abortion. So then what? Even couples who tried to conceive still face these issues. And that's why women need to stand up to be treated fairly. It's not about holding a door open for us or not, it's about us being treated fair. No woman should have to wonder if she will still be employed after giving birth."

Please feel free to add on to it with what you would say too.