I have wanted to vent about trump for the LONGEST TIME but everyone's so sensitive about this topic of politics so i haven't found the right place to talk about this but you guys never judge, so i just wanna see who agrees with me. i feel that having trump as our president it is not only degrading to women but it is super offensive that the american voters would vote for a man accused of several accounts of sexual harassment and even caught on tape talking about how he can violate women because he's famous. like wtf?!?!?!?? and changing rights on abortion and birth control (i heard he was going to do something about birth control, not sure if he actually said that) is completely outrageous given that he does not have a vagina so therefore he has no idea how it feels to be raped and impregnated with a baby that you can't bring yourself to fully love. our rights as women feel as though they are being ripped away in the near future because of a sexist/racist man.