Why am I so uptight?

This is dumb and probbaly hormone related. My mom is helping me with making my baby's mobile. When we started making it she really wanted one of the animals to be white. That's not what I wanted so we stuck with my plan. She sent me a picture today of the bunny, but white. She said the other one got messed up and she had to start over. I left her with the fabric in case this happened. But instead of making it the same color she made it white. It really shouldn't matter, but I feel like she did ut on purpose. She is super sensitive and irrational so I just said it was ok and looked good. What do you think? The first picture is the white one, the second picture is the color it was supposed to be. I know I probably sound spoiled. I am just very particular :/

Also the eyes are cock-eyed but I can't tell her that because then she will have to start over uhg.