Ectopic pregnancy.


So its been 3 months. Three months since i was rushed into emergency surgery due to ectopic pregnancy. Left tube split (not ruptured). Its been 3 months since ive come back to nuture or glow as its been too hard to see/ read anything about pregnancy or announcements.

Ive talked about my fears and feelings to my husband and really close friends. And everytime i feel im "healing" emotionally i find out someone is pregnant. If they arent announcing pregnancy they are having a baby. People who arent even trying...

I cant help but feel jealous and angry at the same time. I cant help but feel that its just not fair. My husband and i are so ready to grow our family and this is the 2nd loss in the last year since we decided we were going to try.

Im sure im not the only one who has felt this way after loss or pregnancy in any way... I just im tired of feeling this way.. Alone, angry, scared.

Just need to get these feelings and thoughts off my heart. Thanks for reading.