Very close to walking out, what would you do?

My husband and I have been together six years and have two kids. Both kids are under two years old. Every weekend and two nightd out of the week he goes out with his friends for "him time". We moved to a new state months ago and I have no friends here and since I'm a SAHM I don't get the chance to meet people very often. My car has been in the shop for like a month so I haven't been able to go out while he works and is out with friends. Today we had a speech therapy appt for my oldest child and it was brought it that he may have autism. My husband was rude the whole time we were there and pretty much scolded the speech therapist for the amount of "appointments she makes us go to" and for not being able to tell if our son will ever talk. When he got in the car he started telling me that our son is probably severely autistic and we should probably prepare for him never talking (which is very unlikely, he's only 18 months now). When we got home my husband laid in the couch and went to sleep. I asked him to get up and take our son to get a hair cut and asked if he could help me today since he got to go out alone all day yesterday while I stayed home. He got pissed at me and told me he's going to steam clean all the carpets? (I literally just steam cleaned them yesterday). He starts slamming doors, taking all the furniture out of our kids rooms so I couldn't put them down for naps and screaming at me that I never help him with chores (which I almost laughed at since I'm home all day cleaning the house while he's out fuckingng around with his friends most of the time). I ALWAYS keep the house clean.  He told me I'm useless and that all I do I nag him. That he doesn't want to be stuck in the house and if he's going to be stuck here with us he's going to stream clean. He's been emotionally abusive for a while but I think I reached my limit today when he wasn't supportive what so ever at the appointment and then got home and screamed at me in front of our kids. When I bring up hoe much he goes out he tells me the kids are my job and I sigh Ed up to be a mom which means that I get no breaks and then proceeds to tell me I'm unsupportive of his dirt bike hobby because I get mad if he goes out more than 3 nights a week and on weekends. I'm at my breaking point. I feel like he doesn't value me at all. I took his keys and left in the car with the kids to clear my head. I'm probably going to go to my moms a few hours away. I feel so sad right now but I will never subject my kids to screaming like that.