IM SICK AND IDK WHY?!?! please help.

Since Friday night as I was going to sleep my stomach was feeling weird. I didn't pay much attention to it because I was tired and was already comfy in bed. The next day, the pain increased. I had diarrhea. It started to settle down so I went to a birthday party where I ate some Jamaican food. It didn't really bother me. The next day, the pain didn't go away and I continued to poop liquid. Monday, I decided to go to school because I don't like missing days. My stomach was still bothering me but not too much, so I thought I could handle a burrito from Qdoba. I was wrong... I had more diarrhea and it was clear that it didn't digest well. You could see the lettuce and tomatoes from the burrito in the toilet. Tuesday I forced myself to go to school once more because I had a quiz and a test and bake sale that day. I pooped that day too. Today, Wednesday, I decided to stay home. I had diarrhea twice today. Once at 3:45 am and another at 4:15 pm. (The last time it seemed less liquid like so Ig that's good. ) My next one may be coming soon because my stomach is hurting a little more than usual. Idk. But does anyone know what's wrong with me? My period, according to <a href="">Eve</a>, will start on Friday. Idk if that's a factor or not. 
Please help... 😭