Father Daughter Dates/Dances.

Just a little while ago I was scrolling through my Facebook when I came across an article reading, "TBH, I am not okay with father daughter "dates."" In this article they wrote that it is giving girls an unrealistic expectation of how men are going to treat you. Saying that it's 2017 and that women don't NEED men to open doors for them or to pay for a meal when going out, etc. This is all because whoever wrote this is more worried about being "equal" than anything. They say that little boys don't have mother son dates because they don't need the "femininity." In my opinion though, I think both are good ideas. To teach your daughter how she should be treating ALONG WITH teaching her how she should treat a man. Then with boys, you teach them how to treat a woman as well as teaching him how he should be treated by a woman. 
As they grow older, they will learn all these new things that are too hard to explain to them when they are small but at least they will have the idea of how you should treat each other. You do things for each other because you want to. My man doesn't always hold the door for me and at times, I'm the one holding the door for him. It's a two way street, you both do practically the same things for each other. 
What's everyone else's opinion on this subject?