Wedding Dress Shopping Crisis!!

Okay, so I'm starting my wedding dress shopping in March. But the problem is- I think my entourage is going to be too big! Overall, I would have 7. I would have my mom (who is a must), my maid of honor, my future sister in law, and another one of my close friends, my future mother in law has made it known that she sort of expects to go, and my grandmother is coming in from out of state to come shopping with us. If I were to cut anyone, their feelings would be extremely hurt.. but I feel like there would be too many people and that there would be too many opinions, especially when my future MIL and SIL have way different opinions than I do (they have their own vision of my wedding and how things should go.. and they disagree with every decision I, my fiancé, my mom, or my MOH have made) are aggressive with their opinions at times.. my future SIL is stuck on what she wants, and my future MIL is a little condescending at times (I don't know if she means to or not).. and I'm not entirely self-confident.. I'm having a really hard time. Please help!!:( I'm stuck.. 

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