husband said some horrible things

We have been together 7 years. I was 20 when we got together and we would always hang out and party together. 3 years in we got married and two months later I got pregnant. We now have two kids. Ever since we had kids I haven't partied at all. I would much rather be home with my kids. My husbands life never slowed down though, he has kept up with being a social butterfly. We just moved a little bit ago and he managed to find a whole new group of friends to hang out with all the time. Whenever I ask him to stay home and have some family time he says that I'm trying to change him and he's not going to let me guilt him into staying home. Whenever he's home and can't hang out or doesn't have alcohol or weed (he has a card for anxiety) he is an asshole. He tells me the house isn't up to par and even though I'm a great mother I'm a horrible housewife. He makes me cry and thinks nothing of it. Last night we were talking about our mutual friend who's cheating on his girlfriend and even though she knows she stays. He told me that he definitely doesn't cheat because he would never risk our family but he said that he thinks I'm the kind of girl that would find out he cheated and stay because I'm so emotionally invested in this relationship. When I got upset he told me that I can't get upset because I initially asked him what kind of girl he though guy I was. I'm just so upset. He keeps saying he doesn't get why I would be upset and that I just like to nag him because he's out all the time. I guess this is just a vent post. My family live out of state and I don't have friends here out since we moved and I'm a SAHM so support is limited😩