My Rules

It's apparently become popular to post rules about parenting on this forum so I'm going to join the game and tell you all how I am raising my child and future children in my home. 
#1) Trust me and your father: trust that we will be here for you no matter what, trust that we will always do what we believe is best, trust we will never abandon you no matter what the situation, more importantly trust we will always love and support you, even if you can't see it in the moment. 
#2) Be a good person. Be tolerant. Be considerate of others. If you make a mistake apologize, help others when you can, make the world a better place not worse. Fight for what is right, even if it's a losing battle, it's better to do the right thing and lose than the wrong thing and win.
#3) Learn. Learn in school. Learn from people who have had experiences you haven't. Learn from your mistakes. Learn from my mistakes. Soak in everything you can about as much as you can. Learn from people who are smarter than you, learn more from people who are not. Never stop learning.
Finally #4) Know that life is more than one chapter, one success, one failure, or one online post. Adapt to every situation. Be flexible and open minded.
In my home, it's okay to make a mistake, it's okay to come to me. I hope to be a good parent, but I know there's not a concrete right or wrong way. Of course I hope my children make good choices, but that doesn't only apply to sex and drugs, it applies to every choice they make.  
I know sometimes it's hard not to point out the bullshit or call people out when they're wrong, but sometimes you have to just laugh and shake your head. Not everyone was born with the gifts of self awareness and common sense. Keep fighting the good fight mommas!