underage sex and vaping

I swear to god I am so fucking done with people under 16 (the legal age in my country) having sex and vaping. And I fucking hate this apps attitude to sex. Like no you shoudlt be telling a 14 year old that it's okay she sucked a dick because it's not, it is fucked up. She is a fucking child and that 15 year old that vapes in the bus should have his vape taken off him because he should not be vaping in the first place. He is a child. That 12 year old gets her first period and downloads this to track her period. She sees these kids and the people here's attitude to these kids and thinks "this is acceptable and I can experiment with this, when she shouldn't we need to start protecting the kids on here and we need to stop encouraging the ones who are both ignoring the law and putting themselves at risk , because we both know that is a 13 year old is going to tray and have sex they are not going to know anything about contraception or how to use it correctly. 
So please whoever reads this next time you see that15 year old vaping, or that 14 year old talking about how she wants to have sex. Discourage them from it don't allow unacceptable behaviour in our young people. 
                                - sincerely a 16 year old girl who is so done with this shit.