TTC after Miscarriage

Hey Ladies, here is my story. I found out on my 25th birthday (Jan. 24) that I was indeed pregnant. Followed up the following week with an ultrasound and saw the heartbeat. Found out on Valentine's Day that our little nugget no longer had a heartbeat (I was a little over 8 weeks and baby was measuring 7.5 weeks). Me and my husband were completely heartbroken. I had a D&C February 16th because my doctor recommended it over having a natural miscarriage due to my anxiety. I bled for exactly 2 weeks after the D&C and now I'm waiting on AF to show up because my doctor recommends waiting at least 1 cycle but prefers us to wait 2-3 cycles before trying again. This wait is killing me. I want to start back trying for our rainbow baby now. I've heard your body is physically ready after you stop bleeding but doctors recommend waiting for emotional reasons and to be able to pinpoint a due date for the future baby. I'm just curious to know how long you waiting after a MC to TTC or if any of you started TTC asap?