Kidney infection/ UTI Saga

I have a mother f-ing kidney infection/UTI and it has been the most frustrating thing ever. After 2 visits to the ER because of excruciating pain, I'm on 4 antibiotics to treat this shit and now, of course, I have a yeast infection both in my vagina and on my nipples 😑
To be expected with 4 antibiotics, I suppose. But it doesn't make it any less infuriating.
Anyway, how do I treat this? I'm on Antibiotics for another 6 days so whatever I do to fix the yeast infection is going to have to work long term. 
Have any of you taken your normal probiotics, split open the capsule and poured the probiotics into coconut oil or Greek yogurt and made a suppository out of that? Is that for any reason dangerous? Usually for yeast infections I just do a massive suppository of coconut Oil, Greek yogurt, garlic, tea tree oil and lavender oil but if this shit is going to last another week I don't know if I can handle wreaking of garlic for that long...
For those of you who don't treat yeast infections "naturally", what's the best over the counter stuff money can buy these days?
Thanks in advance 💕
The Angriest Vulva