I'm 19 and with my boyfriend right now. He is 21.

I woke up at 3 am feeling nausous, something wasn't right. I go upstairs and puke. It is a mixture of a sweetness and pure stomach acid. It went up my nose and burned. It also is burning my throat.

I try to go to sleep but can't. I woke up at 4:45 and dry heave and dry heave and puke more. A yellowish tan color with a couple streaks of blood.

Whenever I drink water it tastes sweet and I am very hungry so I nibbled on saltines. Should I sip on 7-Up?

My temperature is 97.6 and otherwise I feel fine.

I'm a CNA and the residents could have gaven me something, but all I am is tired. I am in the first semester of nursing school.

I had my period for 1.5 days so I am pretty sure I'm not pregnant.

I feel good right now, but am scared to throw up again because it hurts so badly.

Any tips on what causes this and how to stop nausea?

Thank you in advance.