An important topic: Self harm (advise and understanding)

Where do I begin? I honestly get why people don't understand why other people self harm. I used to be one of those people, I have supported around 4 friends through this, all coping with something, whether it be personal or not. After going through all this it definitely had some sort of affect on me (I don't want to be seen as someone trying to get attention I just want to raise awareness and support for people). I understand why people would be like "why in hell would someone do that to themselves?". I know it's hard to understand as someone who hasn't experienced it personally or through someone close. There are many reasons people do this, some people want an escape, something to just relieve the pain. But little do people know is that the pain is only feels like it is relieved for seconds, in reality your only causing more pain and damage to yourself. This also leads me onto the question as to why people can't stop, why is it an addiction for some people, it is exactly that, an addiction, you could relate it to drugs, it gives u a temporary high but then the high leaves so to get that high back you take the drugs once again to get that feeling back. (I have never taken drugs but this is common knowledge) in the same way self harm gives temporary relief and then it's gone and u feel like shit again, so u do it again to gain that feeling or relief once again. Another reason is that it can be a plea for help or attention, it may seem selfish to a random citizen who has no experience/past with self harm but some people do feel as if that's the only way they can turn. Another question that is raised is, "how do I help a friend going through this?" Honestly support them, make sure your there for them, be committed to helping someone say things like "we are gonna get through this not matter how long it takes" or "call/text me any time you need anything, or your feeling down" also make sure u follow through with these never just drop it all and walk away, never give up hope on someone. It's understandable that some people can't be on there phone 24/7 but it's a good idea to check regularly and I'm sure people/parents won't have a problem with this under the circumstances. Never, I repeat, never ever make fun of someone going through something, even if you don't know someone is going through something just be cautious u don't know what someone's going through. Never just ignore someone if they're doing this, they need help and support. But the most important one is if u r going through something like this or ur having thoughts about it, reach out to someone, there are people in this world who care for u, love you and are there for u. You are wanted and loved, and ur important. 
Sorry for this large post, I just believe that things like this should be addressed and I thought why not be there to support others. I would love some feedback, and honestly I know it may seem weird because I am a stranger but honestly comment below if u wanna talk I am here, and very passionate about this and ready to help. 
Thank you for reading!
- Megan