TTC after vasectomy reversal


Hi everyone, looking for some support. My husband got a reversal done in may 2016, we tried to do aN <a href="">IUI</a> in mid-March, but after they did his sperm washing they are saying very little sperm are coming through, so I was unable to get the actual insemenation done. Stupid me for two weeks thought there was a chance I was pregnant since we had timed intercourse, took femara and did a trigger shot. Fast forward wound up getting AF yesterday and totally devastated. The doctor is sending my husband to a urologist, which I'm not sure how that will go and feeling so low right now and losing hope. On top of that the dr we saw mentioned that <a href="">IVF</a> may be our only option which makes me nervous bc it's not 100%, the shear cost is expensive. To give some background we struggled with infertility for four years, got pregnant with our child from <a href="">iui</a>, then my husband had a vasectomy. Now I'm just down right nervous the possibility of ever having another child is out the window. Looking for some support to not feel so alone and also to see if anyone has been through something similar. I appreciate your help.