Unplanned C-section


I was schedule for induction of a vaginal birth the 2nd of April. Of course upon calling I was told to call back in 2 hours (there wasn't any room) I call back every 2 hours about 3 more times before deciding that we would come in the next morning. The next morning we get the call, get ourselves ready and finally get to the hospital only it took a an extra 2 hours after we're in the room to get started because I failed to drink any liquids for going on 12 hours now and I am too dehydrated for them to find good spots to place my ivs. Finally two hours later we get things goin, the pill is placed in my cervix to start dialation, then after only dialating 1.5 more, we decided to place the saline balloon within my cervix. This was told to take about 12 hours to complete the process. I mentioned to the nurse that it felt as though it were coming out about 2 hours after the insertion. Eventually I have to go to the bathroom to poo, feeling as thought it might come out I was careful about how I push on my bowels. All a sudden I feel it and I'm saying aloud, "no no no no no no don't you dare come o---!" (plop) So I look in this toilet and I see tons of blood and mucous and I called out to my partner to get the nurse. Of course she still didn't believe me until she saw it. So I cleaned up and got back into bed the doc came in and my cervix was dialated to 4.5cm then 2 hours later after pitocin was started 7cm the next morning we ruptured my membranes and pitocin was given consistently contractions were everywhere but none steady enough. April the 5th, my contractions were steady, but still at a 7. So in efforts to dialate more we did practice pushes and it worked now at 10 cm stage 2 and I can push.


UGH an hour in and i am exhausted, mouth dry, and sore. Epidural has been uped twice now. My contractions are lasting a painful 2 mins. Coming on quickly. Eventually 2 hours go past and I am told that my pelvis is too narrow and that baby was unable to pass through.

C-section time

Long story short got to the OR and my epidural was no longer working so off to sleep I went. It was a complicated procedure but we survived.

At 11:58 am on April 5th 2017 after 53 hours of labor, 2 hours of pushing through 2 min contractions 3 times each, and and unplanned C-section. Our baby girl Jaelyn Reign Nichol made her debut weighing in at 7lbs 3oz at 19 1/2in long. :)