Husband mad he had to watch the kids

I'm a SAHM mom. My husband and I have two kids under two. He works a 9-5 office job five days a week. Since my oldest was born nobody has ever watched him but me. My husband doesn't like to. The only time he has ever been away from me was when he was 16 months and my daughter was born. Today I had to go to the dentist for the first time in forever and wasn't allowed to bring the kids. I asked my husband to watch them and he said that was fine. I just got home after two hours and my husband is acting like an asshole. He's being short and moody and just went to bed at 540pm. When I asked him what was wrong he said that my oldest cried for me while I was gone (understand key since he's never been away from me). We don't have family or friends who live close to watch him anyway. My husband is now being oussy because he had to watch his own children for TWO HOURS for the first time ever. He's never been alone with them. I'm so annoyed. Like seriously you're oissed because you had to watch our kids and you're so tired after two hours that you're going to bed at 540pm?! I have no idea how to handle this. He refused to watch them when it isn't a life or death situation an obviously I can't trust him alone now since he was pissed, I'm afraid he yelled at my toddler. What would you do? Am I being dramatic?