If you have shit relatives, read for a laugh


This is emotional time for most of us. It's easy to get down these days and I can sympathize with anyone who is being put down for total nonsense from their shitty relatives. Here's the thing. My family lives on the other end of the country. My husband's family lives 30mins away...unfortunately they're not really 'into' being a family. In my latest adventure to provoke some sense of belonging with them, in hopes that my baby, the first grand child, will get a chance to be loved by grandparents, I have once again, been rejected.

Look, I'm not an equality loving liberal nutter...actually my family is pretty conservative...but my family is weird. I have aunts who aren't related to me, moms who are 3rd cousins, and other 'adopted' family that have 0 biological ties to me. Despite being a pretty conservative bunch, one thing all the kids were taught was acceptance and belonging. You don't have to agree or understand or even like someone's lifestyle...but family is family and it doesn't matter how you define that. My kids will know this kind of love too.

Now for the latest drama. I emailed my father in law asking which of their 3 homes his wife (not biologically related to my husband) would be in for mothers day. I wanted to send her some flowers and a card...she's kind of a flake and says things that I don't agree with and my husband doesn't like her, but when all is said and done we love my father in law (he means the world to my husband) and I refuse to exclude her from my kids/our lives. I'm not complicating shit for a child...she's grandma, who gives a fuck if you have 3 of those? Kids wont. They'll think it's normal until they one day realize why there's 3, just like I figured out that my 2 aunts that lived together were married (LOL I honestly figured that out very very late in life...like 15).

Anyway, this is what my father in law writes back to me after asking him where I could send the flowers. I pulled out names and put their relationships to me in brackets:

Hi Sam. You, as usual, so sweet and thoughtful. So, here's the thing - you already got two moms to take care of. (My husband)s mom .. and your mom, absolutely :)

though, honestly, i don't' think there is a need to take care of a 3rd - though so much appreciated. Please don't take it the wrong way, in the end - one less thing for you and (my husband) to deal with. Your life is going to get very complicated pretty soon! (Step brother and his wife) will take good care of (step mother in law) ... as will I. Is that okay?

I will definitely ensure that you guys are thinking about her. if this suggestion, in any way, bothers you - i apologize, clearly not my intent .. and will surely go along with whatever you like. I'm just suggesting that there certainly will be no issue with you taking care of both of your mom's! They'll be thrilled!

love you!!

-(father in law)

Seriously...what the fuck? My husband and I do very very well in our careers and even if we weren't, I wouldn't have asked if I was not interested in sending her something right? Knowing her, she told him to write this to me.

I'm so irritated right now that I told my mom to not invite them to my baby shower (they aren't going to come anyway) and I don't even want to send them or their family my really cute pregnancy announcements....seriously, why should I even bother? Clearly it's not wanted.