mixed signals from my boyfriend?

s xo • 99.9% paranoid
I'm really struggling to understand if my boyfriend truly loves me.. We met online almost 7 months ago and we have spoken every single day since. When were together he treats me so nicely and holds my hand and kisses me, kisses me on my forehead constantly and tells me he loves me and he posts pictures of me on his social media in front of his friends buuuut over messaging he is sooo distant? And almost makes me feel like I'm annoying him.. he will always leave me on read and not respond and then reply hours on with 'miss you' or something to try and case up the fact he's been ignoring me forever? I'm soooo confused! And I tell him like can he not ignore my messages it infuriates me and he always apologises and then does it again? Its making me anxious that I'm not good enough and then when I ask him if he truly does love me he tells me to stop being silly and that I'm his soul mate. Am I just being paranoid?!