freaking out over fluoride

Lindsay • Enjoying every second of our beautiful baby girl
My daughter has been formula fed since about 2 months and for about 4 months we used tap water for her bottles. Her doctor mentioned at 6 months we should be using bottled water. The tap water where I live is fluoridated so I started doing research and now I'm basically panicking because I'm reading that ingesting fluoride as an infant is bad and can effect their IQ and thyroid and all this horrible stuff and I'm literally laying in bed at 5:30am sobbing when I should be sleeping because I'm so worried. 
She's 10 months now and she's hitting all her physical and cognitive milestones early but I just can't help but feel awful.
Im finding being a mom is incredibly stressful and emotionally draining and I really feel like I don't want anymore kids after this like I can hardly handle this. Just gunna add this to my list of reasons I hate myself for giving up on breastfeeding.