plan b and the pill ( please read all)

So I started birth control over a year ago (the pill) and I've only messed up a couple of times on it. I havnt messed up on taking pills for fairly 4 months now. I havnt gotten my period in 133 days and have gone to the gyno and everything is alright the birth control is just taking away my period even though it has sugar pills. But Thursday my boyfriend and I had sex and I let him go in me (weve been together going on 3 years now). Even though I am on the pill I was scared since I messed it up by forgetting a pill like one day a month for about 3 months in a row but now I have been taking it everyday at the same time for the past 4 months. I took plan b the morning after to be double protected but I am unsure of the effectiveness and how protected I really am and if I should be worried. Please only comment if your sure about the knowledge you are sharing. Thank you ladies 💜