nervous 😔

So Saturday I felt as if I wet myself a bit went to er just to be safe. Originally we thought I was about halfway through 6 weeks well they didn't see much on the ultrasound and my hcg level came back at 203 she said a bit low. She said either I am way earlier then anticipated or gonna miscarry. 
Tomorrow is when I go back to get another blood draw to see if my numbers increased or dropped. Well at 9am I had some light brown spotting now it is darker red but only see if when I wipe of course. Tmi but I have been wearing the same pad since 10:30 which barley anything is on it still. Haven't noticed any unusual cramping. 
Mind you my last pregnancy at 5 weeks I had a lot of dark red bleeding went in cervix was fine they told me to rest. Then at 11 weeks went in cause I spotted quite a bit of brown same thing everything was fine. 
Waiting on the bf to hurry up at work since we only have one car to take me in.
Has anyone ever been through this at all? Or a similar experience?