Dilemma with a guy


Hi ladies, so I've been seeing this guy for about a month now and everything has been cool up to this point... We're so great for each other it's scary! Our chemistry is amazing, we like the same things, we share the same opinions and not to mention... the sex is OUTSTANDING!!! So in the beginning, we had discussions about talking to other ppl, being that we are still getting to know each other, which I was cool with that. However, now that feelings are starting to evolve, I can't help but to not talk to anyone(and no I didn't tell him that).

So just recently I spent the night at his house. I got up in the morning to use the bathroom and found his phone on the kitchen table. It kept vibrating and wouldn't stop. So, I turned the phone over and I seen txt messages from a girl who kept txting "missing you" and "???" and heart emojis. Of course I didn't say anything because that's snooping, which I understand I have no right. So my question is, how should I handle this?