Terrified... Possible miscarriage?!

Hi everyone. I discovered I was pregnant on May 8th. Last weekend, I had severe cramping in my lower back, and googled the symptoms that I had, and freaked out and went to the emergency room. At first they couldn't find anything and feared that the baby could be stuck in my Fallopian tubes. I had no bleeding. Just pain. Last night, I was having cramps... like similar to a period. I've been going to my local hospital every other day for blood work to check my HCG levels. They've been increasing but not like they wanted to see. I started bleeding yesterday. At first, it was light brown, so I wasn't too concerned. Then, it turned red. I went to the hospital immediately. They did an ultrasound again and saw something, but it's too small. My cervix is closed. Would anyone know why I'm bleeding?! I'm still bleeding the next morning!! When I used the restroom this morning, there was a very small blood clot. I'm beyond scared. My fiancé and I tried so hard for this baby. My heart is slowly breaking into two. Has anyone had an experience like this?! Please, someone, ease my mind and tell me what's going on?!? 😔😭😭