When he respects you...

I don't know about you ladies but I always feel a pressure to perform certain acts during sex, for example: blow jobs. Or to simply enjoy the ways he touches you when you don't.
Most guys I've been with I've kept my mouth shut...or open depending on the way you look at it. I've always done what they wanted, partly due to my inexperience and partly because I thought it was what's expected of me. How wrong was I?
I've been with my guy over 2 years now and he told me very early on he'd only do what I was comfort with. Do what I wanted and 2 years down the line he still doesn't get mad when I don't suck him because I don't like it or when I guide him to where I find it most pleasurable. He just gives me this cheeky grin and tells I'm beautiful and that he loves me and pleasing me is part of that.
I feel so damned blessed to have a man like this! That loves and respects me the way I never felt I deserved. Isn't he just perfect?