So last year in the tiny town I live in in Utah there were 4 teenagers that went around and killed 19 deer. They didn't take antlers, use any part if the animal or have a permit/license for the animals. They just killed them and left them where they dropped. I am 100% against this! They were finally charged this year. 1 is doing juvenile detention time and they are all paying thousands in fines and what not and have their weapon and hunting/fishing privileges taken away for years. Great! I agree with this! But what I don't agree with is that also here a man has been charged with 16 felonies of rape and sexual assault and what not if his own kids and only gets 9 months in jail and probation!! His wife even stood up for him in court saying he was their income so she couldn't have him go to jail. The judge said sending him to jail punished the whole family and not just him. Bullshit!! He raped and assaulted those kids for 4 years!! What kind of mother wants that to not be in jail for doing that to her babies and only because of money!! What does that say to all other predators in this area?!! I'm sick about it. The system here is so broken!! πŸ˜žπŸ’”