car seat in car accident

Sam • 👶🏻 9.7.16 / 👶🏻 5.20.19
My SO's car got messed up by an elderly lady today. His car was parked in a parking area, so thankfully nobody was in it, she smashed into the rear of it and that caused his car to smash into the car in front of him. He had his brand new convertible car seat in the car. Just bought it 3 weeks ago and we all loved it, but now we expect it'll have to be replaced. My question is, does anyone have any experience getting a car seat replacement reimbursed by the insurance company? He was told he has to wait until at least Monday to talk to someone about it but it's stressing us out now. We literally just bought it and it wasn't a cheap expense for us so we're not looking forward to paying for it twice (especially since he couldn't be less at fault).