Breastfeeding frustrations

I EBF my 11 week old and she keeps bouncing back and forth, eating every three hours throughout the night to sleeping through the night. As soon as my body adjusts to her sleeping through the night (going through a few nights of very uncomfortable engorgement), then she'll want to nurse all night. That will lasts a few days where she will wake every three hours to eat, I will start making more milk in the night to meet that demand and boom! She's sleeping through the night again. I know that she will go through some growth spurts etc, but this is so back and forth and I'm just so over it! When she does sleep through the night, I can't even enjoy bc I'm dealing with engorgement! This is my second baby and it was never this much back and forth with her! I know all babies are different, but I'm just ready to have some sort of schedule for awhile. Anyone out there deal with this same thing?