Really wondering


So I'm 34 weeks pregnant and, throughout my entire pregnancy, I have been insanely ichy. I'm from the south where there's lots of humidity and then moved to the dry west about 2 years ago. So at first, I just assumed it was probably just the dry heat or the dry cold or whatever. But it's been getting way worse. It started out just on my legs, and now it's my legs and feet and arms and back. I finally mentioned this to my doctor in my last appointment and he said it could very probably be Cholestasis. I got my blood taken today and don't yet know if i have it. But if I do have it, my doctor said he'd have to deliver my baby two-three weeks earlier than her due date.

My question is, have any of you ever had this? And were you induced earlier? And how did that go? Were there any health conplications?

Thank you so much!