Please help!

Tori • Married with 2 year old mini me :) B/G twins due 4/2020
Hello ladies. I gave birth to my daughter one month ago. She has her days and nights mixed up at this point. I have 5 more weeks of maternity leave but everyone is telling me to start letting her cry it out to get her schedule fixed but in my gut I don't feel like that is that right. I am a first time mother and I know I don't know a lot of things yet but I cannot sit there and let my newborn baby cry and not comfort her. My husband said she is not too early to sleep train. My mother and all my friends with kids are telling me the same thing. They keep saying when I go back to work it's going to be hell but I feel like She still has time to work on her sleep patterns. I wake her up every two hours and change her and feed her so it's not like I am just letting her sleep with no interruptions. Maybe I am wrong but it hurts my heart so much to not comfort my daughter. She needs me still she's so little. 
Please give me some advice.