Should I Leave my IUD in?

Kristelle • Hakuna Matata
I've had my IUD for about 4 months now, I know the brown discharge and spotting are normal and last 3-6 months. I wanna hook up with this guy but I constantly have this brown discharge and it's not cute. I've told him about it and he's okay with fucking me but not eating me out (he loves eating pussy). I hate the discharge and just wanna douche to clear it out, but knowing my vagina is in a very vulnerable state right now, (I've had BV twice due to my ex cumming inside of me) so douching now would be even worse. The guy said he'd fuck me with a condom on, but I'm afraid that since my vagina is vulnerable right now, the latex in the condom will give me BV again. On top of that, condoms dry me out. I don't know what to do. I really wanna take the IUD out now. Should I leave it in?