What does the Bible really say about divorce? My husband hasn't seen either me or my almost 9 month old baby since 8 months ago. He decided not to work at all during my pregnancy and of course funds ran out when I stopped working 2 weeks before giving birth. Even if I went back to work 4 weeks pp my check wouldn't of came in time for bills. So, the baby and I moved 7 hrs away to live with my mom and I have been here ever since. Husband is sleeping on the couch at his friends grandma's. He still hasn't worked or sent anything for the baby. He wants me to get an apt so he can move in and I do everything again. I hoped by now he would of got himself together but the baby will be a yr and I'm a single mom I can't wait forever especially with custody. I dont want him to come get the baby and disappear he us not stable.