Warning: long. Pick up your game, deary!!

6 weeks PP and I'm feeling like I'm raising our baby by myself. I understand that while I'm on Maternity lv, he's gotta get up early and work, and since I nurse 90% of the time (1 bottle of supplement in the night), I'm up changing diapers & doing night feedings. We have an almost two yr old too! So while he goes off to work in the am, I make sure both kids are fed, changed, etc. You all know what a day in the life with a newborn is like (even tho all they do is eat, sleep, poop and cry), its such an obstacle to get anything else done around the house. So my prob is that while he thinks he does "enough", I don't think he realizes exactly how much more he needs to do! Like wash/sterilize the damn breast pump parts atleast while I'm nursing! And seems like when I ask him to do something, I'm nagging.  I can do 3 things at once while he praises himself for doing 1 thing! We don't even sleep in the same room bc I wanna make sure he gets enough sleep for work the next day. I don't want to look forward to going back to work. I don't wanna end up resenting each other. And I don't want to regret having our Lil newborn boy. How do I make him see all that 7
Im actually doing and make him want to do more. If not for the kids...then me! We r supposed To be bffs!