Mom Rant

My mom is in town for about a week to visit. We are currently in a transition period of sleep training our daughter. We're not completely using the CIO method. Not sure what method to call it. But basically after I nurse her I set her down in her pack n' play which is in our room literally inches away from my bedside. After I set her down she immediately gets fussy... so I softly pat her back & rub her back. There is soft lullaby music playing. I'm talking to her & making "shh"-ing sounds to calm her. I'm not letting her cry & wail & leaving her... not doing that at all. We've only started this 3 nights ago & have had successful nights so far.... until last night since my mom is in town. 
I explained all this to my mom so she wouldn't freak out. But low & behold last night my mom comes marching up the stairs screaming at me & says I'm "abusing" my child. Excuse me! She wants to talk about abuse... Growing up my mom hit me, bruised me, threw stuff at my face (a set of keys, a fork, slippers, literally whatever was in her hands). She used to yell at me for hours. She wants to talk about abuse? 
I think I know my child well enough to sleep train her. I would never abuse my child & never would I abuse her the way I was abused.