So I know some people have an opposite opinion than I do about porn I do not like it one bit and my husband knows this. We just had a baby 6 weeks ago and I have had sex with him and given him blowjobs 1-3 times a day so he is sexually satisfied or so I thought.. we've talked about me not liking him watching porn and he PROMISED me he wouldn't (which I didn't believe) I never check his phone but I had a feeling and sure enough his whole browser was FILLED with porn. I'm so upset and mad. I do not feel attractive with my new mommy body and my hormones are crazy..I had sex with him before your supposed to and bought him sex toys. I do not feel good enough for him and I feel like I do not satisfy him anymore. We've gotten distant and idk what to do I don't want to loose him but I'm done trying to put effort in this relationship if he's it going to try. I just don't knows what to do and i do not have the money to live on my own with baby