Accidentally Hurt By My Boyfriend

I swear it's truly an accident, and has been every time.
So my boyfriend is a big man and is clumsy. Unfortunately, I have brittle bones and am very small. 
Last night I was sleeping and he plopped on top on my leg ( thinking my legs were some where else ) and now it's swollen about twice it's size. Ima go see a doctor if it doesn't get better. 
But this isn't the first something like this happen. Once when we were dancing he stepped on my toe and broke it. Another time he was turning around to ask me something an elbowed me and gave me a black eye. Another time he tried to catch me when I feel and my finger was fractured. And there have been so many bruises. 
He always feels so bad and try's to be so careful around me. Does anyone else have this problem?