I'm about to lose my shit 🙃

I'm about to lose it because I'm getting to my boiling point. Apparently my "friend", let's call her K, was talking to guy named T. While she was she was also talking to her current boyfriend, while she was cheating on her ex husband earlier this year. K talked to T on this dating app so they never personally met. Get ready, this is a plot twist. The guy I'm seeing is T. I met him at a friends house. Slowly but surely he figured out my roommate at the time was K (also I live with this couple she she lives with her current bf). He expressed multiple times how he dislikes her. Because she told him what she was doing and she thought he would be sympathetic and open his arms to her. He didn't buy that bullshit and thinks she's a hoe. I believe him because a lot a people don't like her and she does hoe around sadly. I trust his word. So recently, she knows I've been seeing T for 2+ months. She makes comments like "T was online on facebook two hours ago and I messaged him and he messaged me immediately" "T is gonna pay me money for the item I'm selling to him" etc etc. She even has complained to my roommate that she wants T to herself and she doesn't like me because he likes me. All I can piece together is that she's angered because he's giving me the attention she has never gotten from him. Her obsession towards him is downright embarrassing, childish, and quite creepy. Whenever she mentions him she looks at me to see if I'm listening to see if the jealousy flows through me. Honestly I don't care because I know T doesn't want anything to do with her. One of these days she's gonna make me snap and I'm going to get violent because she won't stfu. I reckon I just take it with a grain of salt and best be on about my business or? Anyone who has thoughts please comment them. I'm just done with this petty crap.