Mom jealous of husbands family


I am in a really crappy situation here, my mom is sooooo jealous of my husbands family.

A little background it has only been her and I my entire life my dad walked out on us when I was little, her parents (my grandparents died when I was young) she has been married 3 times and now divorced and single.

I am not sure if she is just lonely and taking it out on me or what but it has gotten to the point where if I go over my husbands families house she literally gets mad at me and says I'm choosing them over her, very manipulative.

She sent me a long text basically saying she is not going to be on my back burner (which she isn't we see each other at least once or twice a week) and saying she has to do what's right for her which is "creating positivity in her life" and by wanting this in her life she is taking me out of it.

How could a mother ever say this to her daughter? I really don't get it and I am in an awful situation I don't ever want to have to choose between my husband & his family or my mom. The kicker is we don't even have kids yet and my mom is already acting this way so I can't even imagine how it'll be when we have kids.

Just venting and any advice on this would be great, I obviously want my mom in my life but this is crazy!