Is it ok to come to a get-together 1h earlier than the time you were told to arrive?

My family from out of town was visiting and I told them to come over at 4pm for a BBQ at my house. My Dad and his gf (who live in town, it's his sister and her family coming) were coming too and told to be there at 4pm as well. I look out my window at 3pm and see my Dad pull up! No heads up that they were going to be 1h early! We were still cleaning up and getting things ready since we thought we still had an hour to prepare. I jokingly say that he needs new glasses since he can't read what time I said to come but I was actually kinda mad. He was like it's not a big deal, you're just cleaning so finish up and don't mind us. I'm not really mad anymore, but at the time I was kind of pissed. Is this okay to just show up when someone isn't expecting you?

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