I hate my MIL


I'm 38 weeks and can go into labor any day now. Ever since the first trimester I've decided as apart of my birth plan that I don't want anyone informed that I'm in labor except for my hubby. I want the privacy, the special bonding time, the whole birthing experience. Tonight while DH was visiting his parents ( I was at home) his mother thought it was okay to tell him if she missed his birth that it'd be unforgivable and that I'm basically being selfish. I've talked to my mom and she's completely understanding about my wishes. His mom keeps saying that it's not just "my" baby ..that's right but the thing is it's MY LABOR. & should be able to have that part of my birth plan followed without having to worry about my dang MIL!! It's so unfair because DH is being bitched at my both of us and I don't know what to do at this point.