I posted this on another group so sorry if you've already seen this. I just really need some opinions.

Okay, I am currently 6 days late with a bfn! My cycles have been pretty spot on, and I've never been more than 4 days late. I tested before my period with blue dye, and did get two positives, however I feel they were false because the next day I followed up with two pink dye and they both were negative. Also, yesterday (was in the middle of the day) I tested with a pink dye and a digital and both were bfn. I have extremely sore nipples/boobs and I can squeeze and a clear/white discharge comes out. It's not just a little, like I could probably sit there and milk myself. It comes out of both boobs and my SO said my nipples looked swollen/bruised/darker. My SO's sister said that she had the breast discharge with her first child as early as me. I am breaking out, which never happens with my AF. I also keep getting on/off cramps that feel like AF is coming but then I check and it's nothing. This all has happened for at least a week now, if not longer. Also, I keep having lots of stomach issues (like I have had diarrhea twice this month followed with constipation). One night my stomach hurt so bad that I couldn't even eat dinner. Another thing, this hasn't happened the last three days, but I was having a fluttering/pulsing feeling in my right ovary, and that was really weird. I know this is a lot to read and kind of scattered, but any insight would help!

P.S. - I don't think I am pregnant, I just think the boob thing is strange because it's never happened before. I feel that I just couldn't be pregnant, like I don't have mothers intuition or anything. I would love to be, but I don't want to get my hopes up when AF comes, so I'm sticking to not being pregnant.