First off, I'm very pro vaccine & nothing will ever change that.

So I got a letter in the mail from my son's old doctor's office that said the storage unit for their vaccines want accurate making the vaccines ineffective & my son needed to get his shots fine again. I called the number & found out he needs both his 2 month & 4 month shots redone. He's now 9 months old. I'm a bit upset about this. Those shots made me feel safer about going out with my son. He cried and hurt, but I knew it was for his protection. & now I find out that he may not have been as safe as I thought he was. Thankfully, the worst he's ever had was a stuffy nose once. I can't really be mad at the office. I mean, I cam, but that's not going to help anything. But it makes me wonder, why aren't there stricter guidelines about having something that constantly measured the temperature of the storage unit the vaccines are stored in? & why did it take nearly a year for anyone to check & realize something was wrong? Shouldn't there be some guidelines for checking all of that more often too?