Fat Butt! 😂

Jamie • BLESSED! I love my God, my husband, my kids and my country. Life is good!

Okay, so I see a lot of breastfeeding Mamas on here that are having weight issues. The myth is that breastfeeding makes you lose weight, right? WRONG! This is NOT always the case. In fact, many women can't lose or even GAIN while nursing.

So! I did my own research. I'm plus size and was struggling so badly with my fat butt lol!

Here it is---- (and it's going to sound crazy)--- Eat more! Take in more GOOD calories such as fruit, veggies, granola, low fat smoothies, Clif Bars are awesome... Your body will go into 'store' mode if you cut back on calories while nursing. It does this to produce the milk for baby. Second, lay off the cardio. Sounds stupid, I know but it depletes your energy, also causing your body to store fat. Do light, muscle building exercises. This helps burn the bad fat but doesn't wear you out. Third, REST. Take breaks when baby does, nap if needed. If you are exhausted, your body will again, STORE FAT for energy. Lastly, drink plenty of water and take your vitamins. Your baby will get what he/she needs from your milk but YOUR BODY will be depleted of what IT needs.

I hope this helps some of you ladies who are struggling.

I HAVE LOST AN ADDITIONAL 20 POUNDS SINCE DOING THIS. No 'products, no heavy routines, just common sense health.

***I make a smoothie with a cup of frozen fruit, a cup of unsweetened almond milk, 1 medium banana & 1/2 cup raw oats. Blend and enjoy! Gives you extra calories without too much fat and the oats help with production!


(My 9.5 month ebf baby boy!!)