Fainces daughter talks back to me.

My fiancé has a 16 year old who is extremely rude and disrespectful. I know she's hormonal right now but it doesn't excuse how rude she is. She started to get annoyed because her little sister kept going in and out the room. They both share a room. I wanted to go ask how before she was ready and if she knew were the towels were at. Her sister opened the door and I was behind her. She was putting on her shorts. I understand why she would be annoyed that the door kept opening cause she was trying to change but it doenst mean she can talk to me the way she does. I asked her if she knew where the towels where at and with a lot of attitude said "no" and I said whats up with he attitude, she said she didn't have any and I said calm down, I have done anything to you. Your sister was the one who opened the door not me. So don't get an attitude with me.

And she started to clap her hands as she spoke and proceeded to say she was getting mad that everyone kept opening her door and whatnot.

I know it may not sound as bad as I am writing it but her attitude was really upsetting. She's talking to me like I am one of her friends. I am not her friend. And I didn't tell my fiancé anything cause it just ruins his day. She's always like this but it's getting worse with me. My fiancé says she does that to him to do to just ignore her.