Hcg and progesterone


So I have had 2 mc in the last year. The first one I never had levels checked or anything, just scheduled my first appt and everything was perfect. Then when I went in at 10 weeks there was no heartbeat and the baby was only measuring around 8 weeks. It was devastating.

Then in Feb I had another one around 5 weeks and never even made it to my first appt. My doc had checked my levels then and put me on progesterone but obviously it didn't work out.

So where I am now.. found out I was pregnant over a week ago and prob at 5w3d. I called right away last week and had blood work done and measuring around 4w my hcg was 478 and progesterone 11.2. The nurse told me not to worry bc I was so early to just enjoy the weekend and come get blood redrawn this week to make sure levels are rising.

Yesterday I had blood work done and today I got my results: hcg 8,758 and progesterone 9.3. I've been prescribed progesterone supplements now which I've heard a lot of success stories so I'm ok with... I'm just so scared and nervous and wonder if anyone else has had a similar story! I've deff been experiencing pregnancy symptoms but I'm terrified to lose this one. Any kind of suggestion or reassurance would be nice! It makes me nervous that my progesterone dropped instead of just staying the same. I may have to go in for an early ultrasound now to make sure everything is ok (which doesn't help relive the stress)