It's like my husband knows...


(Sorry it's long)

So I am thinking I'm pregnant. Been feeling off, super tired, got carsick out of nowhere yesterday, boobs been so sore etc. we are a blended family and have nine children but two of them are now very young adults. I started super young (not intentionally) and my youngest is now four. We decided we want one more before I am any older and then we are done. (Hoping for a girl. We have 7 boys....the last five all being boys) we have been trying since about November (which is strange because we have never tried before, they were all surprises!) and nothing. Yesterday I took a test and it was so super faint it was barely there at all. Decided to take one today with first morning urine with the same results. He said if I ever got pregnant again he wanted to be surprised. So I want to make super sure before I say anything. But lately he has been more vigilant in his efforts to make me food and bring it to me. I often forget to eat at all until I'm starving! (Hey, I'm busy!) this morning I had some beef jerky a lemonade and a couple little hostess donuts and was full but he just went all out and made me a big breakfast. Not sure how on earth I'm going to eat it but it's almost like he knows or suspects that maybe our last puzzle piece will soon be in place.