Something or Nothing?


Hi, can't stop wondering so thought I'd solicit opinions. Everyone is so nice on here, so why not ;P Since I started (loosely) trying in Jan, I avg a 30d cycle and spot 2-3d before my pd. I am currently on cd33 with no spotting or pd begun, creamy CM w no trace of blood in it. I am SO hungry, like 20-30m after eating. I literally ate a whole pie myself in 4d. (This did not happen to me w my first pregnancy.) No other "symptoms." I took a Wondfo w fmu this morning and in place of the test line was a really gnarly white indent, like not even in a straight line. (I'd take a pic but I dismantled it to see any clues abt the indent haha.) But that was it, no color or other excitement. What would y'all be thinking?